Who is Kingsman?

Our Vision

Kingsman aims to evolve our clients into highly profitable and efficient companies across a variety of verticals with the goal of increasing value for shareholders and partners.

Our Team

Our diverse team of highly effective specialists draw on their professional backgrounds and experience in multiple business disciplines including:

Information Technology

Strategy and Finance

Human Resources




Health & Safety

With experience in a variety of sectors including:

Energy – Oil & Gas

Biomedical & Biotechnology

Product Development & Engineering

 Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Development

Transportation & Logistics

Information Technology

With Kingsman as your partners

you get the collective knowledge and experience of our entire team. KSM historically assisted its management partners across a broad spectrum of strategic, operational and financing projects including:

  • Framing strategic direction
  • Developing operating and capital budgets
  • Evaluating and integrating complementary add-on acquisitions
  • Recruiting key managers
  • Acting as interim managers on an as-needed basis
  • Executing on six sigma, LEAN or other operating performance improvement initiatives

Kingsman provides